is filmmaker Deco Dawson's feature debut, set to premiere in 2021. Arriving in Winnipeg’s North End in search of a better, safer life, young Ukrainian immigrant Eva finds a city filled with rundown, outdated establishments and a disproportional number of other culturally diverse immigrants, all in search for a new life, each desperately holding onto their own language and culture, creating a neighbourhood of (comedic) miscommunication, growing apathy, and oft painful alienation.  


is distributed by Entertainment One, and sold to Amazon Prime in the States, Lovesick stars Jacob Tierney (Letterkenny), Jessica Paré (SEAL Team, Mad Men), and Jay Baruchel (End of the World, How to Train Your Dragon). Lovesick tells the story of Dash, a thirty-something, depressed mural artist who goes on a journey of self-discovery when his ex gets engaged to a man she barely knows.


had a US theatrical release in 2014 by Lionsgate. Reasonable Doubt stars Samuel L. Jackson and Dominic Cooper, and is a thriller that tells the story of a district attorney who has his life turned upside down when he’s involved in a hit and run, and another man is arrested for his crime and charged with murder.


is a feature film championed by APTN and the NFB. We Were Children shows the profound impact of the Canadian government’s residential school system conveyed through the eyes of two children who were forced to face hardships beyond their years. As young children, Lyna and Glen were taken from their homes and placed in church-run boarding schools, where they suffered years of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, the effects of which persist in their adult lives. This true story gives voice to a national tragedy and demonstrates the incredible resilience of the human spirit. The film went on to win a Banff Rockie Award and receive 4 CSA nominations and 2 wins.



stars two-time Golden Globe nominee Leelee Sobieski, Jacob Tierney, and Ford Supermodel of the World, Battlestar Galactica star Tricia Helfer. Walk All Over Me is a feature film co-production with Alberta’s Chaos a film company. Walk All Over Me had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2007, where it was the first-ever Canadian film sold to the Weinstein Company. 



had its world premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. Blue State is an indie film about a disgruntled Democrat who actually follows through on a drunken campaign promise to move to Canada if George “Dubya” Bush gets re-elected. Blue State stars Academy Award winner Anna Paquin and Breckin Meyer. MGM purchased the film for worldwide distribution.



was a co-production with Infinity Features, United Artists, and Sony Pictures. Capote was nominated for five Academy Awards and BAFTA Awards, including Best Picture. Capote won the Oscar for Best Actor for Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s performance. Eagle Vision is proud to have been a co-production company on the film.



Eagle Vision has partnered with eOne and ICF for this new 16 X 1-hour legal drama starring Kristen Kreuk for CBC. Big-city lawyer Joanna Hanley (Kreuk) returns to her hometown to take the case of a group of girls suffering from a mysterious illness. Burden of Truth premiered in January 2018 on CBC in Canada and was a summer hit for CW and Hulu in the US, and premiered #1 for Universal UK. Recently, Seasons 1 and 2 became hits on Netflix, leaving audiences calling out for more.



is the award-winning true crime series centered on solving the mysteries behind missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada. Taken crosses the nation to get to the heart of the stories of these women and girls by talking with their loved ones, law enforcement, advocates, and experts, and to help solve these crimes. The Taken Knowledge Keeper APP is available for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play. Season IV is currently airing on APTN and Lumi, and set to premiere on CBC in the summer of 2020. A new Taken podcast series is available on all podcast platforms.



is a documentary series that follows the activities of drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes crossing frozen lakes and rivers in remote territories in Canada. The show is broadcast in more than 100 countries around the world and is on History Channel in both Canada and the US. Ice Road Truckers premiered season 11 to record-high ratings.



is a 90-minute movie for CBC television that tells the story of Jack Layton’s last federal election campaign in 2011 and his tragic passing only weeks later due to cancer. Jack is a co-production between Pier 21 Films and Eagle Vision Inc. Entertainment One distributed the film. The film went on to receive 3 CSA nominations and won 2.



is a made-for-TV movie produced for CTV and APTN. Eagle Vision co-produced with Anagram Pictures. Elijah is the true story of Elijah Harper, one of the greatest heroes in Canadian Aboriginal political history. The film has played to film festival audiences at the 2007 Calgary International Film Festival, the 2007 Vancouver International Film Festival, and the 2007 imagineNATIVE Film Festival. The film went on to win the Gemini for “Best TV Movie”.


is the longest-running Aboriginal series in Canadian television history, having run for sixteen seasons. The Sharing Circle is an award-winning documentary series that explored Aboriginal stories and issues and celebrates Aboriginal achievements and traditions. The Sharing Circle was broadcast on CHUM, SCN, and APTN.



originally developed by Eagle Vision, is a half-hour children’s drama and has been the proud recipient of two prestigious Parents’ Choice Awards. Centred around four cousins who spend their days together with their wise, fun grandparents and the sacred animals of the forest, Tipi Tales offers life lessons to preschool children based on the Seven Sacred Teachings of Ojibway spirituality.



is a revolutionary music awards show developed by Eagle Vision and APTN to honour the best in Indigenous Music. Eagle Vision produced the live broadcast annually since 2006. The Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards are hosted by Corner Gas star Lorne Cardinal. The live awards show features humour, dance, music, and celebrates international Indigenous artists. For its 10th anniversary, the APCMAs were rebranded The Indigenous Music Awards.

WE JOGGIN’ 06 and 07

are one-hour HD variety programs that are unique, multi-lingual performance experiences celebrating the human spirit through song, dance, and laugher. Award-winning artists of national recognition share the stage with emerging First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and Francophone performers. APTN was a proud partner for the show.



is a one-hour variety program showcasing the best of Aboriginal music and dance from across Canada for BRAVO and APTN.



was broadcast by APTN in 2010. It featured emerging Indigenous musical acts that included future APCMA nominees Jasmine Netseena and Ghostkeeper, and was hosted by APCMA winners George Leech and Crystal Shawanda.



was directed by Gemini-award-winning director Jeff Newman. Kyle Riabko: The Lead follows Kyle Riabko as he takes a detour from his dream of becoming a rock star to take on the lead role in a Tony Award-winning musical. Featuring unprecedented Broadway access, the show depicts heartbreaking and uplifting stories from audience members’ real lives and captures the essence of the power of contemporary theatre.



is a one-hour documentary that follows three young men as they struggle to survive the world they were raised to believe is wicked. They are members of the Fundamentalist Mormon Church. The church’s core belief: one man, multiple wives. The group’s elders take the pick of the young girls as 3rd, 4th, and 5th brides, leaving a surplus of virile young men who are cast away, often with devastating consequences.



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